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The Art of Problem Solving in Spectacular Fashion

I started making jewelry in middle school. I was a HUGE lord of the rings fan when the movies first came out but the movie tie in jewelry was either super expensive or not great one day I saw some bookmarks at books a million that had the "one ring" on them and bought some and made some earrings with them. Did the same thing for the "leaves of lotherin" (forgive the spelling I'm not looking it up as I go) And it really resonated with me that I could make something if I really wanted it. Around the same time I became obsessed with Cameos after a trip to an artisan shop in williamsburg, VA when my mother bought me my very first cameo set. After that I was hooked. I spent the next 4 years tracking down every cameo anything I could find, when I began to notice a problem. I was buying the same picture over and over again. I thought there had to be a better way and it was around 2007 when, in college, I had started to make jewelry again for christmas presents for friends and things and I realized I could FIND a better way to get better cameo jewelry. So I started tracking down the raw materials everywhere you can imagine and acquired more and more and more until it became something special. What I specialize in now is a jewelry buying experience unlike any other. You can choose from hundreds of pieces and settings and create a cameo that is 100% YOU.

   I offer two standard sizes. The large cameos measure approximately 40x30mm, and the small size cameos are approximately 25x18mm. 

  And because you don't pay until we verify your order, you always receive what you asked for, there is no guess work. Part of my order verification process is an image of what your new cameo will look like. That way if you need to swap a frame or cameo out there is no cost until I set the piece. Once set, however, changes are not possible. 

But I didn't stop there. The same fascination that inspired me to take a bookmark and make something beautiful out of it continues to inspire one of a kind beaded creations..earrings, bracelets, necklaces & Anklets. 

I rely on my creative spirit for inspiration and innovation. No where is that more true than with my headwraps. Each Headwrap is a work of art as much as a work of heart. Hand-strung with care, many feature hand-sculpted roses with my own special technique. They are designed to look like headbands without the constriction along the temples. They are nearly weightless and add the perfect sparkle to any outfit. They can be done to custom specifications and when worn correctly will stay in place with no pins or anything holding them in place. The secret is placement. You simply undo the lobster clasp, lay the middle of the head-wrap across the top of your head and swing the bottoms down and pull through the back of the hair wherever they naturally fall. Your hair then naturally forms a sort of hair sandwich across the back of the head-wrap which holds it in place. I have hand some people who wanted to wear them as a necklace but a word of caution of you try that...they are strung on thread to make them easy to wear on the head...which isn't really durable for necklace wearing so if you do so DO NOT TUG OR PULL ON THE STRANDS. likewise when removing the head-wrap always undo the claps and use the ends to pull the not just tug it off as that might damage the piece. 

The toys, the main feature of the etsy page, are something relatively new to my shop. They were born of a weird notion one morning in the summer two years ago. I woke up and said "I think I'll make a toy" with no clue how to actually do it lol but I've been crocheting since I was 11 so that part I had down it was simply a matter of how to go from a blanket to a toy. But I figured it out (I always say my real talent is not as an artist but as a problem solver) and to spectacular results :) the toys have become the heart of my shop and extremely popular :) 

In everything I maintain a certain classical aesthetic. Whether the item is handmade or partly vintage or completely vintage, each piece maintains an understated casual elegance that is truly the hallmark of my handy work.


   Stores that carry Cameos By Katrina Products

(Please visit the photo gallery to see what individual shops have in stock):

   Nashville: B. Merin Salon-Located at the corner of porter road and eastland in east nashville (in the same building as pomodoro)

  Old Hickory: Creative Village Artists Studio Boutique- take 65 N to the old hickory blvd exit...make an right and follow it into old hickory, make a left on industrial drive then take a right at the light and follow the road. It will be on your left right as you get to the triangle.

Smyrna: Sam Davis Home Giftshop -see links page


I accept paypal, ship right to your home and offer pickup in nashville and surrounding areas. 


    So have a look and email us at the address below. And as always, thank you for your business

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